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IPSSA Water Chemistry Exam

To join IPSSA prospective members must pass the IPSSA Basic Water Chemistry Certification Exam. The exam is taken online. In order to access the exam, CLICK HERE to request a password and an ID. You will need to provide: your name, address, phone number and the chapter you wish to join (if known). Once we have this information we will email your log-in ID and password along with a link to the exam web site.

The exam is based on the IPSSA Basic Training Manual – Part 1 Water Chemistry. CLICK HERE to purchase the manual online or for phone orders call 888-360-9505.

Member Login

If you are an IPSSA member and have not registered before, click here to start the process. Registered users can access the Members Only section of the website and can also order training materials online at the member rate.

IPSSA members must login before accessing member-only information or the IPSSA Store. Please enter your username and password below.

IPSSA Membership Requirements Changed May 14, 2011

IPSSA changes membership requirements:  minimum insurance coverage defined

Effective immediately, members will be required to have the following minimum insurance requirements:

  • Commercial general liability insurance of $1,000,000 coverage per occurrence
  • This policy should cover the member's work, i.e. pool service/repair or pool remodeling
  • The member should have his/her carrier provide a certificate of insurance to IPSSA so that IPSSA will be notified if the policy is cancelled
  • The carrier shall have a rating of no less than "A" per A.M. Best Company

Current members now have the option of purchasing general liability insurance (for themselves and for their employees) from companies other than Arrow Insurance Service, as long as the insurance meets the requirements detailed above.

Arrow Insurance Service is the endorsed provider of business liability insurance for IPSSA members.  The company, founded by Ray Arouesty, has provided excellent insurance coverage specifically for IPSSA members since 1988.


Effective immediately, monthly dues invoices will detail:

  • Your insurance premium (including applicable state tax)
  • IPSSA chapter dues (at the amount established by your chapter)
  • IPSSA Inc. dues (at the rate of $14.50 per month)

Because all of these fees were bundled in the past, some of the insurance fees were absorbed in the IPSSA Inc. dues.  The BORD approved a uniform amount of dues for all members at its May 14, 2011 meeting, which means that some members may see a small increase in their monthly statements.

Life Insurance

The life insurance policy now offered to IPSSA members is a part of the Arrow Insurance Service plan.  Current (and future) members who choose general liability insurance other than the Arrow Insurance Service plan will not be provided life insurance.

Why is IPSSA Making These Changes?

The IPSSA Inc. Board of Regional Directors approved these changes in order to provide IPSSA members a choice in their business insurance decisions.

These changes also will improve the association's efforts to expand and establish a presence in other states.  IPSSA currently has 95 chapters in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Florida and Georgia.

These changes in no way reflect any change in support for the products and services provided to the association and its members by Arrow Insurance Service, and will enable Arrow to provide additional coverage not available before.

What Do Members Need To Do?


However, if you wish to change your insurance carrier, you must provide a certificate of insurance to the IPSSA Financial Office.  Call 888-391-6012 or email to make these arrangements.