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IPSSA Water Chemistry Exam

To join IPSSA prospective members must pass the IPSSA Basic Water Chemistry Certification Exam. The exam is taken online. In order to access the exam, CLICK HERE to request a password and an ID. You will need to provide: your name, address, phone number and the chapter you wish to join (if known). Once we have this information we will email your log-in ID and password along with a link to the exam web site.

The exam is based on the IPSSA Basic Training Manual – Part 1 Water Chemistry. CLICK HERE to purchase the manual online or for phone orders call 888-360-9505.

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Board of Regional Directors History


Year Elected Region Name
2014 1 Brian Duncan
3 Ivan Vance
5 Jeff Theders and Steve Donohoe
7 Joe Lukacik
9 James Smith
11 Todd Starner
2013 2 Charles Dudley
4 Jason Briggs
6 Scott Peterson
8 Marc Cannon
10 Mark Lyons
12 Jason Lehmann
2012 1 David Durkin
3 Elias Duran
5 Jeff Theders
7 Joe Lukacik
9 Jim Jacobsmeyer
11 Todd Starner
 2011  2 Charles Dudley 
   4 Adam Morley 
  6 Nathan Smith 
   8  Kurt Schuster
   10 Richard Nichols 



David Durkin 


Elias Duran 


Bob Luedtke 


Chuck Gough 


Phil Sharp 



 Lane Clark


 Adam Morley


  Nathan Smith


 Kurt Schuster


 Dick Nichols


 Todd Starner

2008  1  Mike Gardner
3 Bob Nichols
5 Bob Luedtke
7 Chuck Gough
9 Phil Sharp
2007 2 Lane Clark
4 Adam Morley
6 John Bettencourt
8 Mark Cyr
10 Gary Ellyatt
2006 1 Jerry Houseman
3 Terry Snow
5 Jim Romanowski
7 Javier Payan
9 Greg Donoho, Phil Sharp
2005 2 Bob Kerswill,Gordon Scallin, Lane Clark
4 Bob Van Scoyoc and Jerry Mazienis
6 John Bettencourt and Mike Shear
8 Dan Nisly
10 Kevin Collins
2004 1 Marc Clancy and Jerry Houseman
3 Terry Snow
5 Paul Kaiser
7 Javier Payan
9 Christopher Miles
2003 2 Joel Chrisco
4 Cal Terry
6 Jim Ciccone
8 Bob Henry
10 Dave Guslani
2002 1 Jerry Houseman
3 Eric Nielson
5 Jim Romanowski
7 Mike Gregg
9 Dan Gossage
2001 2 Bryan Gunn
4 Jim Hill
6 Barry Gates
8 Glenn Tilghman
10 Don Roddick
2000 1 Celia Hugueley
3 Elias Duran
5 Mike Denham
7 Rick Bishop
9 Randy Smith
10 Don Koss
1999 2 Keith Schwemmer
4 Dave Perry
6 Jim Ciccone
8 Art Lincoln
1998 1 David Klutts
3 Saul Krochmal
5 Al Verdun
7 A.J. Wilson
9 Jim Stearns
10 Bill Hoy
1997 2 Charles Dudley
4 Jerry Mazienis
6 David Burke
8 Bill Goossen
1996 1 David Allen
3 Ivan Vance
5 Larry Eckel
7 Chuck Gough
1995 2 Jim Thompson
4 David Schuller
6 Kirk Gillette
8 Phil Sharp
1994 1 Doug Roffmann
3 Erik Hoeckmann
5 Paul Kaiser
7 John Cook Sr.
1993 2 Bryan Gunn
4 Albert Ilizaliturri
6 Brian Stout
8 Keith Marsh
1992 1 David Hawes
3 Mike King
5 Bob Foutz Sr.
7 Joe Lukacik
1991 2 Charles Dudley
4 Jim Burkhalter
6 Linda Speaks and Brian Stout
8 Larry Witteveen
1990 1 Don Koss
3 Ivan Vance
5 Paul Kaiser
7 Bob Fowler
1989 2 Terry Cowles
4 Bob VanScoyoc
5 Sam Strano
6 Hutch Hutchings
8 Mark Cyr
1988 1 Doug Tanner
2 Roland Licona
3 Terry Snow
4 Albert Ilizaliturri
5 Dennis Ogle
6 George Gower
7 Tom Gharib and Ron Schrader
7 Jerry Henrikson

* The person listed first in each category is the chair of that committee.


Todd Starner
Joe Lukacik


  • Work with Executive and Financial Offices in day-to-day operations and decisions.
  • Should have cell phone or pager for immediate contact.
  • Review any personnel/subcontractor situations that require BORD action. Consult and present information to BORD.
  • Oversee BORD projects and responsibilites to assure follow-through.
  • Give "State of the Association" report at the annual business meeting.
  • Oversee continued development of the IPSSA web site.
  • Chair/President is ex officio member of all committees.
  • Must be a motivator and leader.
  • Reviews CFO expense report.


Jim Smith
Charles Dudley
Mark Lyons
Scott Peterson
Todd Starner 

  • Review and understand all IPSSA governing rules (bylaws, standing rules, policies and procedures) and serve as advisor on any proposed bylaws, standing rules or policies and procedures changes or questions requested by regions and present analysis to the BORD.
  • Assist in the explanation of bylaws changes to the general membership through The IPSSAN and other forms of communication.
  • Be available to consult with regions/chapters if ethical problems arise that cannot be resolved at those levels and present to the BORD.
  • Be available to assist chapters with sick route challenges as they arise.
  • Sick Route Sub-Committee

& Certification

Jason Lehmann
Todd Starner
Mark Lyons
Scott Peterson
    Steve      Donohoe 

Bob Luedtke

Brian Duncan

  • Coordinate Leadership Seminar program, including determining subjects to be discussed and speakers to be invited.
  • Serve as moderator at the annual Leadership Seminar.
  • Oversee integrity and content of IPSSA water chemistry certification exam.
  • Develop educational goals and programs for BORD and membership.
  • Work toward development of an association-wide eduation/certification plan.
  • Review any association statements regarding pool and spa service technical matters.

& Trade Shows

Joe Lukacik
Marc Cannon
Todd Starner
Mark Lyons
Scott Peterson Brian Duncan

  • Assist in the coordination of BORD meetings and Leadership Weekend site selection and other aspects.
  • Provide a hospitality suite for the BORD when required.
  • Coordinte booth personnel at all shows.
  • Oversee booth appearance.
  • Make recommendations on trade shows at which IPSSA should be represented.


Todd Starner
Joe Lukacik
Charles Dudley
Jason Lehmann
Mark Lyons


  •  Composed of Administration chair and vice chair, Finance chair and vice chair, and corporate secretary.
  • Can be empowered to act on behalf of the entire BORD for interim decision-making between meetings of the full BORD


Marc Cannon
Todd Starner
Jim Smith
Joe Lukacik

Mark Lyons

Jason Briggs

Scott Peterson

  • Review any inquiries from other states other than those that currently are part of IPSSA.
  • Work with any new chapters/regions outside the current IPSSA boundaries in developing standardized programs to meet IPSSA's requirements.
  • Assist any new chapters developing within IPSSA's current boundaries and assign to appropriate region.
  • Present all inquiries to the BORD along with recommendations.
  • Assist regions/chapters with plans to recruit new members.


Jason Lehmann
Jason Briggs
Todd Starner
Charles Dudley
Scott Peterson
Joe Lukacik

  • Review invoices for payment and serve as BORD signature on checks.
  • Keep close contact with Financial Office in day-to-day financial issues.
  • Help establish following year's budget for IPSSA Inc. and IPSSA Management Company.
  • Review all expense reports for proper expenditures.
  • Ensure timely processing of payments.
  • Consult with Financial Office on fiscal matters requiring BORD action and< present such information to the BORD at its regular meetings.
  • Coordinate any financial reviews with CPA, as necessary.
  • Serve on Planning Committee.


Brian Duncan

Steve Donohoe
Marc Cannon
Todd Starner

Ivan Vance
Bob Nichols
Eric Nielson

  • Serve as executive editor.
  • Discuss proposed articles with staff.
  • Contribute articles and resopnd to letters to the editor.
  • Review/proofread The IPSSAN prior to publication.
  • Oversee content of newsletter and make sure it goes out on time.
  • Field questions/complaints about any facet of publication from both staff and membership.
  • Assist in developing editorial and advertising policies.

Member Benefits 

Joe Lukacik
Marc Cannon
Brian Duncan
Jason Lehmann

Scott Peterson

Todd Starner

Mark Lyons


  • Recruit new associate members.
  • Make follow-up phone calls to companies requesting applciations.
  • Check references for companies that apply for associate membership.
  • Contact California State Contractors License Board for report on companies requesting membership that are contractors.
  • Ovesee annual review of associate members.
  • Present associate member applications to BORD for approval.
  • Assist associate members in developing any proposed projects that benefit the membership and present to BORD.
  • Coordinate and implement new and existing membership benefit programs such as discounts and rebates.
  • Serve as liaison with insurance broker concerning liability claims, inlcuding presentation of existing claims at BORD meetings.
  • Receive requests from membership on expansion of coverage and make recommendations to the BORD.
  • Review insurance policy on an annual basis, giving report to the BORD at the February meeting.
  • Consult and advise chapters/regions when unusual insurance questions arise.
  • Serve as liaison to Benevolent Fund Committee.
  • Attend annual Benevolent Fund Committee meeting and conduct any programs approved by the committee.
  • Promote the value of the Benevolent Fund and expand its membership.
  • Make sure all chapters have up-to-date sick route plans on file with the Executive Office and be available to assist chapters with sick route challenges as they arise.


Todd Starner
Marc Cannon
Mark Lyons
Bob Nichols
Jeremy Smith
Terry Snow
Steve Donohoe  Brian Duncan


  • Supervise liaisons to the BORD, including NPIRC, NPC, SPEC, and APSP.
  • Serve on SPEC executive board.
  • Assist in development of advertising/information programs, new brochures, bill stuffers, bumper stickets, door hangers, decals, etc.
  • Assist in development of public service announcements that can be distributed to the media.
  • Serve as clearinghouse for safety information from industry sources to regions and chapters.


Jim Ciccone
Ivan Vance

Celia Hugueley
Jason Lehmann
Eric Nielson



  • This committee is independent of the BORD.
  • Education Committee chair is automatically a member of the Scholarship Committee.



Jason Briggs 
Marc Cannon
Todd Starner
Mark Lyons
Adam Morley
Ivan Vance


  • Coordinates marketing for IPSSA
  • IPSSA website direction
Board of Regional Directors

2014-2015 Board of Regional Directors

Phone/Fax E-Mail
Region 1
Brian Duncan 
1630 N. Main Street #324
Walnut Creek CA 94596

Region 2
Charles Dudley
727 G Street 
Reedley CA 93654
Region 3
Ivan Vance
7852 Varna Avenue
Van Nuys CA 91402
Region 4
Jason Briggs
2785 Pacific Coast Highway #809
Torrance CA 90505
Region 5
Steve Donohoe
26861 Trabuco Road #E-74
Mission Viejo CA 92691
Region 6
Scott Peterson

31715 Corte Rosario
Temecula CA 92592

Region 7
Joe Lukacik
13280 Highway 8 Business
El Cajon CA 92021
Region 8
Marc Cannon
2721 W. Sheffield Avenue
Chandler AZ 85224

Region 9
Jim Smith
PO Box 26738
Austin TX 78755
Region 10
Mark Lyons
4118 Rosenbaum Avenue
San Jose CA 95136

 Region 11
Todd Starner

 1005 Mill Run East
Bradenton FL 34212


Region 12
Jason Lehmann 

6885 Bluebonnet Court
North Richland TX 76182